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Airports near Stellafane

This page lists the commercial and general avaiation airports near Stellafane.

Airports with Commercial Service

Listed in order of easiest driving to Stellafane:

BTV: Burlington International Airport

Located in South Burlington, VT very close to an I-89 entrance, the largest airport in the state is generally your best choice if you are flying to Stellafane. Google maps list the drive as 122 miles and 2:07, with 95% of the drive on (very scenic) interstate highways I-89 and I-91.

BDL: Bradley International Airport

Located in Windsor Locks, CT, about 15 minutes from both Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA. Google maps lists the drive as 119 miles and 2:03, again with 95% of the drive straight north on I-91.

MHT: Manchester • Boston Regional Airport

Located in Manchester, NH, many of us locals use it because of the good selection of airlines and flights. This one is listed lower down the list because the drive is more complicated, it has more turns to make for the visitor to the area. Google maps lists the route through Lebanon, NH as 119 miles and 2:03. They offer an alternative through Newport, NH at 97 miles and 2:09. If you drag the route to go through Keene, which is how many of us locals go, it is 105 miles and 2:20. Your choice.

ALB: Albany International Airport

Located in Latham, NY, between Albany & Schenectady, it is probably the smallest airport in this list, served by Southwest & Delta as of this writing.  Google maps lists the drive as 94.7 miles and 2:12 on 95% state two lane highways.

Note: When using Google Maps to get mileages and times, use "211 Jordan Rd, Springfield, VT 05156" as the destination.

Airports for General Aviation

VSF: Hartness State Airport

Located 3 miles northwest of Springfield, this is the place to land if you are a private pilot. Owned and operated by the State of Vermont.