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Stellafane Announcements Mail List

Would you like to be reminded when Convention Registration opens? Or when Stellafane will hold a free public Star Party? If so, the Stellafane Announcements mail list if for you!

Stellafane Announcements is our self-service mailing list for announcing public Stellafane events such as the Stellafane Convention, Stellafane hosted Star Parties, Stellafane NEAF Participation and Stellafane Mirror Class signups. We anticipate sending two to six emails per year to remind you about upcoming public Stellafane events. You will not be bombarded with mail from us.

Further, we will not sell, rent, reveal, give away or in any way disclose the e-mail you give us to be part of this list. We have no interest in adding more junk to your in-box, either from us or from anyone else.

You must sign-up (subscribe) to this list yourself. It's a very quick and simple process:

That is all there is to it. You can unsubscribe at any time using this same web page, or the link provided at the bottom of every e-mail we send out on this list.

We have received many requests over the last few years from people who want to be on our e-mail list, and now we have one for them, and maybe for you. We hope this will be a valuable, but not intrusive, service. You may address questions or provide feedback by e-mailing the Stellafane Webmaster (click link in this page's footer, just below).