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Our New Look

2012-Feb-15: It's been about 6 years since we overhauled the look of our web site, and now we are giving it a minor tune-up. We have been revising our pages to meet new technical standards (HTML5 and CSS3) and taking the opportunity to make some visual adjustments also. The home page now has a menu bar for navigation, and is less cluttered. All pages now have a softer background, a very light shade of gray instead of the harsher white. And all pages now have a site search box and translation controls in the footer. There are more rounded corners on formerly rectangular objects, and more depth illusion is provided with a greater use of shadows. People using older browsers may not see these, but the site should still be fully functional for them...Webmaster Ken

2006-May-21: Stellafane was one of the early astronomy club web sites, going on-line in 1994. You can check out the look of our old sites on the Web History Page.

The web site has grown over the years as we added new topics and information. We have gotten some feedback from convention surveys, e-mail and talking with colleagues about what people like and what people would like to see changed or improved.  Now we have undertaken a web site redesign to address much of the feedback we have gotten.  Starting with the home page and new topic area directory pages, we will, over time, reorganize and restyle the entire site. The initial release of the new web site look was published on May 21, 2006.

Our goals in doing the redesign include:

Let us know what you think (Contact Us), we are interested in knowing if this new design meets your needs. Also, if you encounter a problem, please let us know about it so we can fix it. Thanks for visiting our site!

Ken Slater, Stellafane Webmaster
for the Stellafane Site Redesign Committee: Wayne Zuhl, Iliana Filby, Glenn Becker
with thanks also to: Jay Drew and Brad Vietje for their help and encouragement.