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2001 Stellafane Convention

The 66th Convention of Amateur Telescope Makers on Breezy Hill in Springfield, Vermont, the 2001 Stellafane convention, was held Friday, August 17th and Saturday, August18th, 2001. Hosted by the Springfield Telescope Makers, Inc. Here you will find Reports, Photos and Videos of the 2001 Convention.

Thanks to All

Breezy Hill on Saturday, 2001 Convention.
Breezy Hill on Saturday, 2001 Convention

We wish to extend hearty thanks to all of this year's Stellafane convention volunteers. You enhanced the event in many ways with your presence and hard work. For this, and for having allowed us the real pleasure of getting to know you, thanks a million! 'Till next year's convention, we wish you clear skies and all the best.

Also, we would like to thank all of the conventioneers for attending. For most of the past 75 years, amateur astronomers and telescope makers, from around the world, have gathered to inspire each other, steal each other's telescope making ideas, meet old friends, make some new ones and remember those who are no longer with us. While we regret that, once again, the optical judging was clouded out the convention, in general, was an outstanding success. Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming and we hope to see another excellent crop of new and home made telescopes on the Hill next year. Clear skies!


The 2001 Stellafane convention program is available in PDF formatted files: 2001 Convention Bulletin and 2001 Site Map.

Photo Gallery

Here is the 2001 Convention Photo gallery, with candid images taken by the Springfield Telescope Makers and many attendees who send us photos they have taken.


Reports from our attendees are posted here, giving you another view of the events and differnt observations of the convention.

Telescope Competition

Mitch Mitch Mitch
Mitch Melassanos at work on the movies

Often considered the heart of the Stellafane Convention, the Optical and Mechanical Competition gives Amateur Telescope Makers a chance to show and share with others what they have done, and our expert judges pick the best in several categories to for recognition with awards. This page shows all the telescopes entered in the competition, and the awards that many have won.

Special thanks to Mitch Melassanos for shooting the video and preparing the movies of all the telescopes in the competition. besides individual movies of each enterant (available on the Telescope Competition page), we have a movie of the the Mechanical Winners in .WMV format: 256kbps-640x480-33.4mb or 56kbps-320x240-5.7mb.

Convention Workers

It takes a lot of work to put on the convention, and we would like to thank all the volunteers and members who work so hard before, during and after convention to make it a success. Here's a photo gallery of many of the people who made it happen this year (and the majority who have made it happen for many years). Thank you all very much!

For the Record

According to, the driving distance from Vancouver, BC to Springfield, VT is 3,141 miles while the driving distance from San Diego, CA to Springfield, VT is 2,982 miles. Also, the last original revision to this page was 2001-Oct-16.