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Hartness House
History of Astronomy Workshop 2009

Cosponsored by the Springfield Telescope Makers,
the Antique Telescope Society, and the Hartness House Inn

Date and time: Thursday, August 13, 2009; workshop 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM; cocktails starting 4:30 PM

Location: Hartness House Inn, 30 Orchard Street, Springfield, Vermont.

Overview: Please travel to the 2009 Stellafane Convention early this year for a day-long program in the history of astronomy with an emphasis on the history of telescopes.  There will be eight presentations by well-known authorities; morning and afternoon coffee breaks; a buffet luncheon; and an open house at the Porter/Hartness Museum of Amateur Telescope Making (including the Hartness Turret Telescope). The event will include excellent opportunities for informal discussion with the speakers and participants, including a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres.  Thanks to supporting private donations, the cost for the workshop, including breaks and luncheon, will be limited to $50.

The Program

Please click the section header just above to view a PDF of the final program.

Photos from the Workshop

Photos by John Briggs

Reproduction of the Porter Garden Telescope

Garden Telescope Accessory Case

Fred Schliepmann with the Garden Telescope

The Hartness Turret Telescope

At the turret, Hartness House in the background

Inside the Hartness Turret Telescope

Attendees in the Hartness/ Porter Museum of Telescope Making

Rick Hunter points out a Museum Display

Bert Willard, Museum Curator, in the foreground

Parts of the Hale Spectro-

Photos by Paul Valleli

Attendees in front of the Hartness House

Edward Pershey

John Briggs, Workshop Organizer

Ken Launie

Mrs & Mr Steve Tomczyk,
John Briggs, and Kris Larsen

Matt Considine

Matt Considine, Perry Remaklis & Ed Pershey

Rich Kremer

Rich Sanderson

Sara Schechner

Porter Mirror Cell recovered from Port Clyde

Rich Sanderson in the Telescope Museum

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