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2010 Convention Lodging & Camping

While many people camp at Stellafane, many others choose to stay at area lodging or other campgrounds. We have compiled a list of area lodging and campgrounds to help you locate a suitable place to stay. Book early, everything fills up fast for Convention weekend!


Lodging Phone Town
Historic Rowell's Inn 802-875-3658 Andover
Everyday Inn 802-463-4536 Bellows Falls
Ascutney Mtn Resort 800-243-0011 Brownsville
Flat Iron Farm 802-484-9038 Brownsville
The Pond House 802-484-0011 Brownsville
The Castle 800-697-7222 Cavendish
Cavendish Pointe 802-226-7688 Cavendish
Maple Hedge 603-826-5237 Charlestown, NH
Chester House Inn 802-875-2205 Chester
Chester Inn 888-875-2205 Chester
Fullerton Inn 802-875-2444 Chester
Greenleaf Inn 802-875-3171 Chester
Henry Farm Inn 802-875-2674 Chester
High View (Closed?) 802-875-2724 Chester
Hugging Bear Inn 802-875-2412 Chester
Inn at Cranberry Farm 800-802-2208 Chester
Inn Victoria 802-875-4288 Chester
Kimberly's Cherub B&B 802-875-3773 Chester
Motel in the Meadow 802-875-2626 Chester
Night with a Native B&B 802-875-2616 Chester
Park Light Inn 802-875-4417 Chester
Quail Hollow Inn 802-875-2794 Chester
Rose Arbor 802-875-4766 Chester
Second Wind B&B 802-875-3438 Chester
Stone Cottage 802-875-6211 Chester
Stone Hearth Inn 802-875-2525 Chester
Williams River House 802-875-1790 Chester
Old Town Farm Inn 802-875-2346 Gassetts
The Old Tavern 800-843-1801 Grafton
Timber Inn Motel 802-228-8666 Ludlow
Gwendolyn’s 877-493-6365 Perkinsville
Golden Stage Inn 800-253-8226 Proctorsville
Ranney-Crawford B&B 800-731-5502 Putney
Brownsville Moor's Inn 802-869-2020 Saxtons River
Abby-Lyn Motel 802-886-2223 Springfield
Baker Road Inn 802-886-2304 Springfield
Bull Run Farm 802-886-8470 Springfield
Gaffron/Hargrove 802-885-1699 Springfield
Hartness House Inn 802-885-2115 Springfield
Holiday Inn Express 802-885-4516 Springfield
Millbrook Inn 802-484-7283 Waitsfield
Blue Haven 802-463-9008 Westminster
Madrigal Inn 802-463-2231 Westminster

For additional information contact:

Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce:
14 Clinton St., Springfield, VT 05156.
Phone: 802-885-2779, Fax: 802-885-6826.
E-mail at

Chester Innkeepers Association

Vermont Campground Association


Campground Phone Town
Getaway Mtn. 802-674-2812 Ascutney
Running Bear 802-674-6417 Ascutney
Wilgus State Park 802-674-5422 Ascutney
Horseshoe Acres 802-875-2960 Andover
Caton Place 802-226-7767 Cavendish
Meadowbrook Farm 802-226-7755 Cavendish
Squirrel Hill 802-228-8800 Ludlow
Crown Point 802-263-5555 Perkinsville
Coolidge State Park 802-672-3612 Plymouth
Tree Farm Campground 802-885-2889 Springfield
Ascutney State Park 802-674-2060 Windsor

Hyperlinks are provided when a facility has their own web page. We do not link to directories or general travel sites. Listed alphabetically by town or village, then by facility name.

If you want to be listed here, please send mail to the webmaster (link in page footer).

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