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2010 Stellafane Convention Telescope Competition

All of the Telescopes Entered in the Competition

Winners of the Optical & Mechanical Competition

Convention attendees can enter their home-made telescopes in the Optical and/or Mechanical competition. Awards are given for best Optical Performance [Small Newtonian 12.0" and under; Large Newtonian 12.5" and over; Compound Optical System] and for several Mechanical Categories [mechanical design, workmanship, innovative component, junior (under 16), special (for items that are not complete telescopes)]. The optical competition was completed on Friday night; the Mechanical Judging was done on Saturday.

The Head Optical Judge for 2010 was Rick Hunter. Junie Esslinger, Phil Rounseville, Dave McGaw, Dick Parker and Don Schwarzkopf were optical judges. Dave Prowten and Bruce Bedford were the optical runners.

The Head Mechanical Judge for 2010 was Chris Houghton. Jeff Lowe, Tom Spirock, George East, Dave Kelly, Wayne Hilliard and Mario Motta were mechanical judges.

The judging administrative team for 2010: Iliana Filby and Joyce Sinnot.

Below you will see up to four pictures of each telescope entered in the competition (fewer if we have less than four available, in some cases I received no photos of some entered telescopes, especially true of some optical only entries that were not available in daylight for photography) and basic information about the telescope and maker, including any awards won. Listed in order of entry.

Photos by the Springfield Telescope Makers: Ken Slater

Note: After you expand a photo, you can use the arrow keys to move forward and back, and the spacebar starts a slide show.

Newt = Newtonian Reflector; Dob = Dobsonian Mount;
GEM = German Equatorial Mount; Ball = Ball or Hemispherical Mount

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