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2010 Stellafane Convention Videos

Videos by Wayne Zuhl of the Springfield Telescope Makers

Note: While the 132x176 format offers small files size and fine audio, you may find the slides and photos too small to be readable.

Technical Talks
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  • Title: Schiaparelli and Mercury:
              His classic study in the light of CCD imagery
  • Presenters: William Sheehan & John Boudreau
  • Length: 0:37:30
  • Format: .WMV (Windows Media Video)
  • Download Video:
    132×176 (27.8 MB) or 320×240 (89.6 MB) or 640×480 (147 MB)

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  • Title: Re-Constructing the Weight Drive for
              the 8¼ Inch Alvan Clark at Seagrave Memorial Observatory.
  • Presenter: Allen Hall
  • Length: 0:44:10
  • Format: .WMV (Windows Media Video)
  • Download Video:
    176×132 (29.6 MB) or 320×240 (93.9 MB) or 640×480 (185 MB)
Saturday Evening Program
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