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2013 Convention Photos
Page 2 of 2: Photos Contributed by Attendees

Here are photos of the 2013 Convention by the Convention Attendees. We appreciate receiving photos and reports from attendees and will publish them on these web pages; please e-mail them to us (and any suggestions you may have for improving the convention, or topics you would like to see covered in next year's convention).

Whether you attended and want to try to find yourself in photo, or you couldn't attend and want to see what went on, you can spend some time browsing our gallery of general photos. Go to Page 1: Photos by the Springfield Telescope Makers.

This year, we are starting with attendee photos first. We still have a backlog of these, so photos are still being added.
The club photos on page 1 will be added later.

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Claudio Veliz of Chester, VT & SoVerA

Olivier Martin of Quebec City, Canada

Peter Barvoets of Schenectady, NY

Trent Hagerty of Jericho, VT

Adrian Hlynka of Groton, MA

Jim Shedlowsky

2013 Gallery
Friday sunset from near the Porter Turret Telescope on Breezy Hill.
Friday Sunset
2013 Gallery
Crescent Moon and Venus on Friday evening.
Moon & Venus

Al Lamperti

2013 Gallery
Aimed at the sun and a marshmallow is at prime focus.
Aimed & Loaded
2013 Gallery
It's an Interplanetary Photonic Concentrator!
The Fine Print
2013 Gallery
The focused sun creates quite a lot of glare as the marshmallow is cooked (burned?) in a very small spot, about 1/8-inch in diameter.
Cooks in a Flash

Sal LaRiccia

Richard Sanderson of Feeding Hills, MA

Dick Koolish, ATMoB

These photos were taken on Sunday at the Hartness House of the
Hartness Turret Telescope and The Hartness-Porter Museum of Amateur Telescope Making.

Al Takeda

Philip Levine

Dan Lorraine - Hartness House Solar Workshop 

Tom Kasner

Photos of the telescope competition on Breezy Hill

Phil Harrington

Jim Hendrickson

Réal Manseau

Réal's 36th convention!

Frank Tomaras

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