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2013 Convention Reports

Here we present reports contributed by convention attendees, giving another perspective on what went on or was important to them. If you have a convention report to share here, please . We are also interested in conventioneer photos and videos, many of which get added to this web site. Thanks for sharing your view of convention with us and others.

The Springfield Telescope Makers also welcomes suggestions for improvements, and we appreciate that feedback and consider every idea. If you have a suggestion, please You can be assured it will be read by our club officers and convention staff and considered as we plan the next convention. Suggestions will not be posted here; please use the word 'suggestion' in the subject line of your e-mail.

I'm Olivier, and this was my first Stellafane Convention. I remember reading about it in popular astronomy magazines as a teenager in France, and this year as I settled in Quebec City I finally could attend. I used to be the Adaptive Optics Systems Engineer at W.M. Keck Observatory and had to work o the largest optical telescopes in the world; I still work on several AO projects at the National Institute of Optics in Quebec, but I must say I always admired amateurs who were not only good at optics but also at inventing new mechanical designs and built their own telescopes.

I enjoyed staying at my first Stellafane Covention "as a tourist" (it was either telescope or camping gear in my car anyway so I chose comfort). I met Al Nagler who as an optical designer myself is one of my idols...

I posted the pictures I took on my slickpic web album site; you can find them at

I made it possible for people to download the pictures they like no copyright involved here... click on the down pointing arrow in the upper right corner when a picture is being viewed in the Large Photo View.

Thank you to the organization and see you next year I hope!
Cheers, Olivier.

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