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Friday Informal Talks

Friday evening at 7:30 PM Bruce Beford, of the Springfield Telescope Makers, will conduct the informal talks in the Flanders Pavilion. This is always a fun session, with convention attendees speaking on a wide range of serious and not not-so-serious topics.

If you wish to contribute a short talk during this session, you must submit a brief description of your planned presentation using the form below. Talks are limited to 10 minutes and 20 slides. The time limit will be strictly enforced!

Speakers must check in at 7:00 pm. Because we hope to wrap up the informal talks in time to allow speakers and guests to observe on Friday evening you should register early (below). If you haven't registered by one week before convention, you may not get to speak.

If A 35-mm slide projector, overhead projector, VCR, and a digital projector will be available for your use.

Sign Up for a Friday Informal Talk

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The above two optional items will be help the MC introduce you - add other info in the note section.
Talk Topic:
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Note to Master of Ceremonies:   Optional - More about you, your topic, or special requirements.
A/V Equipment you plan to use:
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