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Would You like to be a Part of the Team that
makes the Stellafane Convention Happen?

If so we'd love to hear from you. Stellafane convention time is approaching. Not fast enough for most of us who consider it the highlight of our year! It is not too early, however, to put ideas in motion which will help us organize what just may be one of the best conventions ever. One of our favorite new elements of the convention has been the creation of a volunteer program. This program, which is still in its developmental stages, has been a lot of fun for us as well as providing invaluable help to us in running the convention. These great people who volunteered their time and effort have infused the event with even more of the dynamism and enthusiasm that characterize each Stellafane convention.

The invitation to become a Stellafane Convention Volunteer is given to you with this hope: that you might enjoy the experience of participating in this great event from a new perspective. There is nothing quite so satisfying as working among others of like mind and spirit toward the accomplishment of a worthwhile goal. Our web site provides us with the potential to organize a good part of this year's volunteer force ahead of time! We are currently establishing a list of specific tasks with which we would welcome volunteer assistance. We will determine a specific number of volunteers needed for each task. Volunteers would be welcome to participate in more than one task but would certainly be free to choose their own level of involvement in this regard. Please note that there are plenty of jobs available regardless of your physical ability!

It's been great working with those of you who have volunteered in the past!
Thanks again!

Kim Cassia, Volunteer Coordinator.

If you are interested in volunteering during this year's convention, please e-mail us.