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Museum: Sketches, Photos & Drawings

A selection of drawings and sketches from out collection:

Pitch Pouring Illustration

Drawing of preparing the polisher (pouring the pitch lap), no date, R. W. Porter. Gift from Alan Mackintosh.

Drawing of Polar Reflector

Drawing of Polar Reflecting Telescope, Port Clyde, Maine, 8x6 inches, R. W. Porter, July, 1914.

Garden Sketch

Pencil drawing of men viewing biplane with Garden Telescope, R. W. Porter.

Porterian Reflecting Telescope

“Porterian Reflecting Telescope,” blueprint of design for a turret telescope by R. W. Porter, April, 1920.

Porter with garden telescope

Photo of R. W. Porter with the Garden Telescopes at the Jones and Lamson Machine Tool Company, Springfield, Vermont.

Walter Scott Houston

Color Photo of Walter Scott Houston (1912-1993).

Dismark Asleep

“Bismark Asleep, Ast. Observatory, July 29, 1905,” 14x10 inches, drawing, R. W. Porter.

200-inch Dome

200-Inch Dome Palomar Mt., pencil and chalk, 1939, 17x17 inches, R. W. Porter.

Knife edge diagram

Drawing depicting how the knife-edge produces shadows, 1936, 12x8 inches, R. W. Porter. Gift from Miriam Houston, 1995.

Prism Instructions

Procedure for making a roof prism, likely dating from World War II, as Porter led a nation-wide effort to make roof prisms for the war.

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