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Museum: Pastels & Watercolors

Here we present a good selection of the Pastels and Watercolors we have in our collection.

Eskimo Girl

Eskimo Girl, Greenland, watercolor, 12x16 inches, R. W. Porter, 1896.

Cutting up Walrus

Cutting Up Walrus, watercolor, 19x13 inches, R. W. Porter, 1900.

Astronmical Observatory

“Astronomical Observatory Alger Island, July, 1905,” watercolor, 14x10 inches, R. W. Porter.

Armillary Sphere

Armillary sphere, watercolor, 14x10 inches, R. W. Porter, 1922.

Trees & House on Riverbank

Trees and house on riverbank, watercolor, R. W. Porter, 1928.

Port Clyde harbor

“Port Clyde Harbor, Aug. 1902, R. W. P.,” watercolor, R. W. Porter.

Mt. Ascutney

Mount Ascutney from Stellafane, no date, watercolor, 11x7 inches, R. W. Porter.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park, pastel, 1929, 10x14 inches, R. W. Porter.

Trees in California

Trees in California, pastel, 1938, 13x17 inches, R. W. Porter.

Trees in California

Garden of the Gods, Colorado, pastel, 1929, 12x9 inches, R. W. Porter.

Orange merchants

Orange merchants, North Africa, pastel, 1947, 19x12 inches, R. W. Porter.

Grounded Iceberg

Grounded iceberg, pastel, 1941, by R. W. Porter. Gift from Richard H. Pembroke.

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