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Porter Turret Telescope
2015 Roof Replacement

On an early spring visit to Breezy Hill just after the snow melted, President Dave Tabor observed pieces of the Porter Turret Telescope roof had blow off over the winter. Fortunately, with a thick and sound roll-roofing underlayment, no water damage had been done to the building - but the cedar shakes clearly were in need of replacement. Dave organized and led a couple of work parties to remove and replace the roof, which is documented on this page. The new shakes are premium red cedar, as are the ridge boards.

Also done at this time: the two south-side rake boards were replaced and painted white. The metal loading steps were also painted at this time.

Workers on this project were: Matt Considine, Steven Forbes, John Gallagher, Jeff Lowe, Carl, Zhenya, Olga & Tatyana Malikowski, Ken Slater, and Dave & Julie Tabor .

The work party was also very grateful for lunch provided by Cheryl Breuning and the Wilders.

Saturday 2015-May-16

We entirely removed the old cedar roof and disposed of it. Then we re-roofed the west side of the roof and replaced the south-side rake boards.

Porter Turret Photo
9:25 Matt get started removing shingles from the loading platform.
Matt Gets Started
Porter Turret Photo
10:21 Matt, Zhenya, Olga and Ken removing shingles.
Removing Shingles
Porter Turret Photo
10:24 Zhenya attacks the old shingles with a shovel. Ken, Zhenya, Olga Á Matt.
Brittle Shingles Shatter
Porter Turret Photo
10:25 Ken stretches with a pry bar to work on the ridge. Ken, Olga, Zhenya.
Shoveling Shingles Loose
Porter Turret Photo
10:32 Matt's truck is loaded with removed debris. Olga, Tatyana, Zhenya, Ken, Matt.
Matt's Debris Hauler
Porter Turret Photo
12:41 Olga and Matt clean up nails and stuck bits.
Cleaning Up Nails
Porter Turret Photo
12:42 Matt's victory pose - ready for the new roof!
Victorious Matt
Porter Turret Photo
2:58 Ken and Steven install new shingles. Note new rake board Dave made and installed.
New Rakes, New Shingles
Porter Turret Photo
4:06 West side and rake boards done - east side just has roll roofing for now.
There was a big effort to clean up the grounds before this photo was taken.
West Side Done - Looks Good!

Saturday 2015-Jun-06

We installed new shingles on the east side, installed the new red cedar ridge boards, and painted the new rake boards and the metal steps and loading platform.

Porter Turret Photo
9:54 Dave and Ken roll out the first sheet of tar paper.
Rolling out the Tar Paper
Porter Turret Photo
10:15 Dave and Carl attach the south end of the tar paper.
Attaching and Cutting
Porter Turret Photo
10:22 Ken checks a make-shift ladder support.
Make-shift Ladder Support
Porter Turret Photo
10:24 Rolling out the second sheet of tar paper. John, Ken, Carl and Dave.
More Tar Paper
Porter Turret Photo
10:27 Ken climbs up to tuck in the tar paper at the ridge. Dave hold at left.
Tucking in the Tar Paper
Porter Turret Photo
Winter, John Martin's dog, came up from the pavilion to watch us work for a while.
Winter Watches
Porter Turret Photo
10:31 Fastening the second sheet of tar paper. John, Carl, Ken and Dave.
Finishing up the Tar Paper
Porter Turret Photo
10:50 Shingling. Jeff, John, Carl, Ken and Dave.
Shingles Going Up
Porter Turret Photo
11:30 Almost done, just the ridge boards to put on. Ken, John Martin, Dave, Jeff, John and Carl.
Almost Done

Photos by Dave & Julie Tabor and Ken Slater.

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