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Stellafane Browsing Library
Dedicated to Jeanne C. Krzywicki

By Maryann Arrien, September, 1998

Conventioneer Jeanne Krzywicki, who passed away last year, wanted to give the folks at Stellafane something special that they could all enjoy. Since Jeanne was an educator, the idea of having books available in a "browsing library" seemed a very appropriate gift. On Saturday, July 18th 1998, the finished hand-crafted library was dedicated to her memory with her good friend Dr. Al Monkowski, her family and some close friends in attendance. Jeanne's nephew's wife, Noel Smith, sang a beautiful original song composed for the event - this was shown in a brief video clip at the Saturday evening program.

All the books thus far have been donated to the library by friends of Stellafane. Our special thanks to all you book donors! Your generosity will give Stellafaners a chance to peruse books that they may never have had a chance to see. The Spirit of Porter smiles on you from behind wire-rimmed glasses!

There is presently a fine collection of astronomy and telescope making books. We shall be adding more videos and computer programs to it as well. The hope is that it will become a complete telescope maker's research library - where a browser can find information, or just decide which books that he or she should acquire. There is also a photocopy machine on hand so that browsers can take home information. The library hours will be posted in the next Convention Bulletin. In the future, if a few clouds interrupt your observing - go up and visit the Stellafane Browsing Library! It is located in the rear warming room of the McGregor Observatory.

Photos of the Dedication by Carl Breuning:

Krzywicki Library Dedication Image
Noel Smith singing a song she wrote just for the dedication..
Noel Smith
Krzywicki Library Dedication Image
John Martin of the STMs saying a few words.
John Martin
Krzywicki Library Dedication Image
Al Monkowski telling those in attendance about Jeanne's love for Stellafane.
Al Monkowski
Krzywicki Library Dedication Image
Doris Smith (Jeanne's sister) speaking about Jeanne.
Doris Smith
Krzywicki Library Dedication Image
Doris K. Smith cutting the ribbon of the new Browsing library.
Cutting the Ribbon
Krzywicki Library Dedication Image
The new Jeanne C. Krzywicki browsing library.
The New Library
Krzywicki Library Dedication Image
Al Monkowski putting some first books in the library.
Adding First Books
Krzywicki Library Dedication Image
Doris Smith and Maryann Arrien.
Doris Smith and Maryann Arrien

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