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Weather Conditions at Stellafane

One of the best Vermont Weather Forecasts is from Eye on the Sky at the Fairbanks Museum in Saint Johnsbury and Broadcast by Vermont Public Radio.

Weather information from AccuWeather at right:

Weather links to the National Weather Service below:

If it's light out, take a look at several Stellafane locations using the Stellafane Webcams.

Check the Clear Sky Chart below to see what your chances of observing are in the next 48 hours. Click the chart image for information on how to read it.

Clear Outside is similar to Clear Sky Clock; it is newer and some feel easier to read Clear Sky Clock. Click the image below to be taken the full size version.

MODIS (Aqua) provides data on Aerosol Optical Depth. We learned about this at the 2014 convention, when although the regular weather forecast was for 'clear', aerosols from western forest fires blew over Stellafane, and produced hazy observing conditions. Below are instructions to get the current daily MODIS (Aqua) data - this is not a 'consumer' web site, but one for researchers, so there is no 1-click link we can give you to get the current data - you have to navigate to it.

You can see the 2014 Convention image here (click to enlarge it). Note that Vermont was colored red at the time!