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6-inch f/5 Square-Tube Dobsonian

Built by Edward Dean of Nashua, NH

These are two photos of a home made 6-inch f/5 Dobsonian telescope that is almost finished.  Last year (2011), my son Andrew and I attended our first Stellafane convention and we were very happy and impressed to attend. I started this telescope in August 2011 after being inspired by the many home made telescopes that we saw at the convention.  I am almost finished with the scope.  I built this scope using basic hand tools and small power tools in my second floor down town apartment.  I never built a telescope before and the experience taught me a lot about how to design, built and construct a telescope.

I made a lot of mistakes along the way but the experience was worth it.  I hope to enter this little scope in the amateur telescope competition next year.  I am not concerned about winning anything I just want to let other know that if a 50 year old man with no carpentry, machine, or tool experience can build a working scope to enjoy the heavens then they can too.

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