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10-inch Newtonian, first as a Dob,
then a Motorized Equitorial

Built by Matt Sztanko of Essex, UK

"Many years ago I built my own 10ā€ Dobsonian telescope. I then built a motorized equatorial mount to put the 10ā€ onto. Since then I have also used the mount to do deep sky imaging and have yet to start imaging the planets with the 10ā€ which Iā€™m looking forward to."

Below are a few photos from Matt's web site (See Homemade telescope & motorized equatorial mount for astro-photography). There are many more photos and descriptions of his ATM projects there.

The original 10-inch tube on a classic Dobsonian mount.
The Original Dob
The original 10-inch tube on a home made motorized mount.
The 10" on the Motorized Mount
Details of the Motorized Mount, with auxiliary refractors mounted on either side of the 10-inch tube.
Mount with Auxiliary Scopes.
Looking up from the ground at the tube (note cooling fan) and the mount.
Looking up from the ground
Side view of Mount and Tube; you can see the counterweights in this view.
Side view of Mount and Tube
A good view of the mirror cell & latitude adjuster
Mirror Cell & Latitude Adjuster

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