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The Astronomical League's
Horkheimer Award

The Astronomical League's 2000 Horkheimer Award is now in its third year, and it recognizes outstanding service by League astronomers under the age of 19. The League is growing rapidly and now has 250 members societies and 18,000 members. As might be expected, we received a multitude of requests for information and applications.

This year, our second place winner, Ryan Hannahoe, received his award at the Stellafane convention. Ryan is from Leesport, Pennsylvania, and he is a member of the Berks County Amateur Astronomical Society. Although 14 years old, Ryan serves as his club's program committee chair, and he will be entering high school this fall.

Ryan has a passion for astronomy, and he is persistent. Ryan completed construction of his 6-inch Newtonian telescope on a Dobsonian mount. At the 2000 Stellafane, he won first place in the junior category for telescope making.

Over the past several months, Ryan served as a volunteer astronomer for public star parties, scout groups and schools. In addition, he's taught classes on astronomy, observing, and telescope making. Ryan has won awards from his local astronomy club, and he has competed in the science fair with his telescope making project. He has written a paper on telescope making techniques. Among many other talents, Ryan now serves as the webmaster for the Astronomical League's 2001 convention web site. There is no doubt that we will be hearing more good news about Ryan's future astronomical endeavors.

Information about future awards: Any Astronomical League member under the age of 19 on the date of the application deadline is eligible to apply. The deadline for the next Horkheimer Award is March 31, 2001. The award is based upon service to the League or to any League society. Service could be in the form of educational outreach, observing skills at public star parties, or other astronomical areas. Young League astronomers are eligible to apply for both the National Young Astronomer Award and the Horkheimer award.For additional information or applications please contact:

Bob Gent
325 Cloudes Mill Drive
Alexandria, VA 22304-3080

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