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2005 Convention Report

Here we present reports contributed by convention attendees, giving another perspective on what went on or was important to them. We usually have quite a few reports sent in, but for some reason this year we only have one.

This year's Stellafane was a blast. As usual, there were some beautiful and innovative telescopes entered in the ATM competition. A fellow DVAA member, Scott Ewart, took first place in both the mechanical and craftsmanship divisions for his excellent 12" split-ring equatorial.

I ran into the usual Stellafane regulars including folks like Phil Harrington, John Bortle, Allan and Sue French, Matt Marula, and a certain 90 year old gentleman whose name adorns a type of telescope mount.

As an added bonus, there was no Stellarain and we were able to observe on both nights, Saturday night being the better of the two. Highlights included an excellent NOSS pass on Friday night and having one of my
all-time best views of the Pelican Nebula the next night.

Dave Mitsky

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