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Convention Photos

1934 Convention Group Photo

1934 Stellafane Convention

The 2017 Stellafane Convention

was held July 20-23

The 2018 Stellafane Convention will be held Aug 9-12.

2017 Board Elections

Results are in. Come and see who are your new board members.

Historical Hawks Mountain

Members hike up to Hawks Mountain; a tradition.

Cavendish, VT 5th Grade Class Visits Stellafane

Beyond learning why the Clubhouse is pink, these students also learn about the Simoni Observatory.

Upcoming Fall Star Parties

Saint-Gaudens and Up All Night, coming soon! [Updated]

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Mirror Making Guide

to grind your own Newtonian telescope mirror.

Yellow Dobsonian

Build a Telescope!

Complete plans for a
Newtonian Optical Tube
and a Dobsonian Mount.

Build with homemade or purchased components
(or a mix of both).

New Solar Filter Plans

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