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2007 Stellafane Convention Photo Gallery

Here are photos of the 2007 Convention by the Springfield Telescope Makers and convention attendees. We appreciate receiving photos and reports from attendees and will publish them on these web pages; please (and any suggestions you may have for improving the convention, or topics you would like to see covered in next year's convention).

So whether you attended and want to try to find yourself in photo, or you couldn't attend and want to see what went on, you can spend so time browsing our gallery of general photos below. If you are looking for telescopes entered in the competition, see the Telescope Competition page.

All photos by the Springfield Telescope Makers unless otherwise credited.
Contributing STM Members: John Briggs, Dennis Cassia, Jay Drew, Perry Remaklus, Ken Slater & Dave Tabor.
You can identify the photographer by their last name in path to the photo.

A lot goes on in the week before convention, and this year we are again going to share some photos
of some of the activities the occur before most of your arrive.

Here we are installing the new projection screen in the Flanders Pavilion, and doing other work:

A new fence goes up outside the Flanders Pavilion:

There was a big effort to seal the Porter Turret dome and generally clean it up:


There is plenty of grass mowing, tree-trimming, weed-whacking, road-fixing, painting, repairing, general clean-up, moving stuff and overall set-up to be ready for convention (as well as feeding ourselves):

We had five homemade Schupmann Medial Refractors set up before convention opened:
Finally, the club meeting before Convention starts...

Here are our traditional candid shots taken during convention:

Photos from the Stellafane East, including the Gate and the Flanders Pavilion:

Some License Plates seen at Convention this year:
Photos from Breezy Hill:
Photos Hartness Turret Telescope at the Hartness House, the location of our ATM Museum:
The Saturday Evening Program:

Tim Parker

Contributed Panoramic Photos

Breezy Hill Panorama

Click image to view 2.7 MB, 7,529x1,387 panorama of Breezy Hill taken on Saturday monring.
Photo by Mark G. Meredith

Breezy Hill looking east

Click image to view 2.2 MB, 7,787x1,486 pixel panoramic image of Breezy Hill looking east..
Photo by Phil Harrington

Breezy Hill looking east

Click image to view 1.4 MB, 3,330x991 pixel panoramic image of Breezy Hill looking east.
Photo by Mike Gondek

Stellafane East

Click image to view 1.0 MB, 3,591x1,011pixel panoramic image looking south from the McGregor Observatory.
Photo by Mike Gondek

Observing Field

Click image to view 1.3 MB, 5,048x895 pixel panoramic image of the Stellafane East observing field.
Photo by Mike Gondek

Photos by Frank Tomaras


Photos by Jim Podpolucha of Milford, CT


Photos by Paul Walker of Middlebury, VT

    Andromeda Galaxy Taken August 10th with 4" f/5 refractor ($300 Chinese), Canon Rebel XTi camera, Super Polaris Equatorial Mount purchased a few years ago at the Swap Tables at Stellafane. Two, unguided, 3 minute exposures at ISO 1600. Stacked with Registax
4, histogram stretch, auto color balance. Finishing touches done with Picture Window Pro 2.5 
    M-17 & Sagitarius Star Clouds Approx 3.5 x 5.5 deg Mosaic of 8 images. 60 sec exp each. No dark frame subtraction. Contrast enhanced (histogram stretch) Mosaic created with PanoramaPlus 3 (by Serif)
Taken at Stellafane 2007 same setup as above.
    North American Nebula Stack of 4 images. One 6 minute exposure, three 4 minute exposures. Unguided. 2.5 x 1.7 deg field (prime focus). No dark frame subtraction. Contrast enhanced (histogram stretch).
Taken at Stellafane 2007 same setup as above.

Photos by Mike Gondek of Westchester, NY

Photos by Josh Reynolds Photo by Heather Weyers of Santa Cruz, CA
1.5 Minute Exposure stacked 4

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