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2008 Stellafane Convention Workers

The Springfield Telescope Makers would like to offer many thanks to those who make the Stellafane Convention happen. Many of those who work to put on the convention work "behind the scenes"; most conventioneers don't know they're there, but their efforts both before and during the convention make it possible for a small club to put on a large convention. So to all our many volunteers and members, we give a big thank you for your efforts which make the Stellafane Convention a very special and successful gathering year after year.

Pictured below (in totally random order) are volunteers and club members who we photographed during convention setup and during the convention. It certainly is not everyone who helped out, there are many more who we just didn't have time to capture in a photo. Photos by Ken Slater & Dave Tabor.

Tom Spirock

Scott Sulham

Ken Slater

Nancy Tuthill

Dave McGaw

Tom Gorka

Mario Motta

Paul Valelli

Tony Costanzo

Michael Heliba

Joyce Sinnot

Glenn Becker

Chris Houghton

Erin Lowe


Jeff Lowe

Dave Kelly

Maryann Arrien

Iliana Filby

Dave Siegrist

Dave Tabor

Julie Tabor

Samantha Tabor

Al Tinker

Don Schwarzkopf

Gabe DeLuca

Joel Gilman

Greg Dolise

Normand Fullum

Steve Kempe

Eileen Meyers

Jim Flood

Mario Antonucci

John Martin

Dennis Cassia

Rick Hunter

Jay Drew

Wayne Hilliard

Brad Vietje

Jim Daley

Dave Prowten

Jay Spiegel

Steve Dodson

Patrick Dodson

Jim Erickson

Jack Heinzmann

Jim Fowle

Bob Mohr

John Briggs

Pat Quinn

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