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2012 Hartness House Workshop

We are pleased to offer a pre-Stellafane workshop all day on Thursday, August 16th, at the historic Hartness House Inn and Porter-Hartness Museum of Telescope Making located in Springfield, Vermont. Proceeds will support the Hartness-Porter Museum of Telescope Making, which is run by volunteers from the Springfield Telescope Makers. While associated with the Stellafane Convention, this is a separate event and separate registration and fees apply.

2012 Workshop Program

2012 Topic: Historical Telescopes and Related Instrumentation: Conservation and Study.

The 2012 Hartness House Workshop will continue a series started in 2009. This year's theme, organized in collaboration with local members of the Antique Telescope Society, will return to the workshop's historical roots with a focus on antique telescopes, observatories, and related equipment.

The schedule will include special tours of the associated Hartness Observatory and Hartness-Porter Museum of Amateur Telescope Making.

A few speakers already scheduled:

  • Allen Hall and Dick Parker will report on their beautiful progress building ¾-scale reproductions of the 8-inch Clark at Seagrave Observatory.
  • Alan Sliski will report on his progress restoring a 9-inch Warner & Swasey and will likely also contribute regarding the amazing, very early Clark at Williams College.
  • John Briggs will report on "The Remarkable Telescope Workmanship of Fauth and Co."

The Complete Schedule is now available: Hartness House Workshop 2012 Program (PDF file).

Photos from this event are here.

Hartness House Workshop Registration

Registration, which includes a buffet lunch at Hartness House and coffee-break refreshments, was $75.