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2012 Convention Photos
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Here are photos of the 2012 Convention by the Convention Attendees. We appreciate receiving photos and reports from attendees and will publish them on these web pages; please e-mail them to us (and any suggestions you may have for improving the convention, or topics you would like to see covered in next year's convention).

Whether you attended and want to try to find yourself in photo, or you couldn't attend and want to see what went on, you can spend some time browsing our gallery of general photos. Go to Page 1: Photos by the Springfield Telescope Makers.

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Hartness House Workshop by Jim Hendrickson

The Thursday Hartness House Workshop topic this year was Historical Telescopes and Related Instrumenta­tion: Conservation and Study. Program is here.

Peter Barvoets of Schenectady, NY

Unique fish-eye photos of convention.

Katherine Ellis of Oregon

Norman Cyrs and Katherine Ellis are decedents of founding club member Charles A. Longe. The visited convention this year to revisit his connection with the club and the creation of Stellafane. The STM's were very pleased to meet and host them.

Ed Glasheen

"My first Stellafane was marvelous. Well organized, good food, and helpful volunteers and STM members. I loved the spectrum from amazing `Artisan' 'scopes to the `crude-but-effective' 'scopes..."

Mike McCabe

"This was my view on Thursday even­ing looking N / NW from Winnebago Wallow."

2012 Gallery
Star trails from Winnebago Wallow on Thursday evening by Mike McCabe.
Star Trails

Steve Yerby

"A 90 second exposure on Saturday night ... I had another wonderful con­vention. I look forward to it every year."

2012 Gallery
The Milky Way looking south across the Stellafane East observing field by Steve Yerby.
Milky Way

Steve Hubbard

"While observing the Sun on Satur­day, a Monarch butterfly landed on my scope, right on my newly installed Stellafane sticker."

2012 Gallery
Monarch Butterfly on Steve Hubbard's new Stellafane sticker on his scope.
Monarch Butterfly
2012 Gallery
Monarch Butterfly on Steve Hubbard's new Stellafane sticker on his scope.
on Steve's Scope

Phil Harrington

Panoramas (all are wider than shown by the thumbnails)

A nice set of astro-photos shot on Breezy Hill around the clubhouse.

Jim Hendrickson

Photos from Breezy Hill and Stellafane East, a small sampling of the literally hundreds of photos he took.

Adrian Hlynka

"Here are a couple pictures of observing at Stellafane east on sat night. I combined 2 minute tracked exposures of the sky with long exposures of the foreground activity. ObservingSFeast2 is a near infrared shot. You can see the red nebulosity. Blue is IR."

Dick Koolish, ATMoB

Top row: Breezy Hill; Bottom Row: Stellafane East.

Philip Levine

Dave Mitsky of ASH, CAS, DVAA

Al Navarro

David Staples

"I had a fantastic time at Stellafane 2012 and would like to share my photos."

Denis Verrier, Drummondville Astronomy Club

The 60mm red solar telescope (3 photos below) was built by the late René Doucet of the Drummondville (Quebec, Canada) club about 20 years ago. Denis brought this nice instrument to Stellafane this year.

Richard Sanderson

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