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2012 Convention Photos
Page 1 of 2: Photos by the Springfield Telescope Makers

Here are photos of the 2012 Convention taken by the Springfield Telescope Makers. On Page 2 of the Gallery, you will find photos taken by Convention Attendees.

Whether you attended and want to try to find yourself in photo, or you couldn't attend and want to see what went on, you can spend some time browsing our gallery of general photos. 

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Photos by the Springfield Telescope Makers

Contributing STM Members: Dennis Cassia, Gabe DeLuca, Jay Drew, Alan Rifkin, Ken Slater, Paul Valleli and Wayne Zuhl.
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A lot goes on in the week before convention, which we call pre-convention, and this year we are again going to share some photos of some of the activities the occur before most of your arrive. Club members a dedicated group of volunteers get a lot of work done before we open on Thursday afternoon.

Jay Drew got a very nice 12 foot dome donated to the club earlier in the year, and when it arrived at Stellafane it landed in the Pavilion (like most everything else!). While we were contemplating where to store it (until we figured out where it would be permanently sited and what telescope it would hold), site manager John Martin had the excellent idea that if we assembled it, not only would be be self storing, but it could hold other things for storage too. John built a temporary floor to support it, and Dave Prowten, who lead the assembly effort on the previous dome, led the crew that assembled this one.

Cleaning, neatening up, putting away - this consumes a lot of time and effort in the week before convention, and our volunteers and members do a great job.

Fixing, repairing and replacing is the other big pre-convention activity (actually it is a year-round activity, but with the extra help we have before convention, we do get a lot of it done). Here are a few things we did this year in the week before convention:

Preparing convention includes managing our volunteers, preparing for tee-shirt sales, stringing the parking and camping areas, and putting finishing touches on special sales items:

They say an army runs on it's stomach; our members and volunteers sure do. Keeping folks well fed keeps them productive and happy. Thursday evening we hold a dinner at the clubhouse to thank all our volunteers and members for their hard work, followed by a brief club meeting to deal with any last minute items and make sure we are all set to go for Friday and Saturday.

Clubhouse, Porter Turret Telescope & Breezy Hill

A few images from around the Stellafane Clubhouse, the Porter Turret Telescope and the observing fields. For images of the instruments entered in the competition, see the Telescope Competition page.

McGregor Observatory & South Observing Field

A lot happens in this area: Many programs in the McGregor Library; lots of observing and camping; and of course plenty of observing with the 13-inch Schupmann.

Amateur Telescope Making Demonstration

Held in and around the Flanders pavilion, the ATM demo informs people about how to make a telescope and it's optics, and gives them a chance to try out mirror grinding.

Around the Convention

Photos from all around the 2012 convention, a potpourri of images that just don't fit in anywhere else.

Saturday Evening Program

Photos from the Saturday Evening Program, which included a Shadowgram talk by Allen Tinker and a Keynote talk by the Meteorite Men.

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