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2016 Convention Teen Program

Stellafane New Horizons Project

Friday 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm in the Mirror Lab room in the Flanders Pavilion
Presented by Paul Fucile for Teens ages 12-17.

Teen Project 2015
Teamwork in assembling model robotic space progbes.
Teamwork in assembling model robotic space probes.
Teen Project 2015
Individual work after components are prepared by teams.
Individual work after components are prepared.

Stellafane Teen Pogram participants this year will learn about the mission and technology behind the historic NASA New Horizons spacecraft. Launched in January of 2006, it first observed Asteroid 132524 APL, continued on to a gravity assisting boost flyby of Jupiter in 2007, and concluded with an exciting 12,500 km encounter with Pluto in July of 2015 that returned spectacular imagery and scientific data. After the primary mission, New Horizons is now speeding towards the Kuiper Belt Object 2014MU69 and beyond.

This will be a hands on class where the group will work in teams to construct a New Horizons inspired technology that will be demonstrated at the Convention. Each participant will have the opportunity to experiment with their take home project during a special dinner hour session.

Attendance will be first-come first-served. If you are 100% sure your teen will attend convention and will want to attend this event, then you’ll need to get them on the list. Please email us directly at You will receive a manual reply to let you know your status. When space is filled, we will add the next two names to a waiting list. If space is not filled through preregistration we will accept others first-come first served at the event, until the class is full. This program is free to teens attending convention.

Special note: There will be a lot of specialized instruction so you will need to be on time!

This year's program was a great success. Watch the video below to see the four space probes in action, 'flying' down the wires past an asteroid, Jupiter and Pluto, and snapping photos as the go by. Very impressive results!

20016 Teen Program: The Results!   1:35

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