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Members Activities

This page is a spot to collect the diverse activities of our club members that do not fall under our major club functions like convention and mirror class.

Publications by Members

Perfect Planets (and the Moon) II
by Thomas Spirock
(Mount Wilson Observatory Reflections June 2017)

Perfect Planets Using Mount Wilson’s 6-inch Refractor
by Thomas Spirock & John W. Briggs
(Mount Wilson Observatory Reflections September 2016)

Making it in Magdalena by John W. Briggs
(The Reflector, Mar 2016)

Lightcurve Analysis for Four Asteroids including John W. Briggs (The Minor Planet Bulletin 39-4 Oct-Dec 2012)

Eight Months of Lightcurves of 1036 Ganymed including John W. Briggs (The Minor Planet Bulletin, 39-3, pages 141-144 Jul-Sep 2012)

Rotation Period Determination for 5143 Heracles including John W. Briggs (The Minor Planet Bulletin, 39-3, pages 148-151 Jul-Sep 2012)

Chandra Publication Statistics including Glenn Becker
 (Astronomical Society of the Pacific April 2012)

The 22 May 2011 Occultation by Pluto, a poster including John W. Briggs presented at the AAS Division of Planetary Sciences, Nantes, France (Feb 2012)

The Rotational Period of 1406 Komppa, including John W. Briggs (The Minor Planet Bulletin, 39-1, page 25 Jan-Mar 2012)

Astronomy EPO and the 2012 Hysteria: Your Personal Guide to Joining the Battle by Larsen, K. (2011)

Lessons From Breezy Hill: Thirteen Years of Children’s Activities at Stellafane by Larsen, K. (2008)

Pushing Glass: Engaging Young People in Astronomy Through Amateur Mirror Making Classes
by Larsen, K.; Slater, K.H.; Drew B.J. V (2008)

A Method of Measuring High Delta m Doubles
By James A. Daley
(Journal of Double Star Observations, Fall 2007)

Site manger John Martin on the Kubota

Site Manager's Log

Site Manager John Martin's notes on what he sees and does on the site. He is there almost every day.

Rick Hunter using his ring sphereometer.

Refractor Interest Group

Formed by Paul Valleli in March 2008, several members have been working on making their first refractor. Bert Willard contributed to the optical design using OSLO, and Dick Parker has been hosting work sessions in his basement which has been christened 'Refractorville' (he has made several refractors quite successfully).

Participating members include Jim Ericson, Rick Hunter, Ray Morits, Ken Slater & Dave Tabor.