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Photos from Builders

Have you built an OTA, mount or both from our plans in this section? If so, we would love to post a photo of your project. Send photos and information to the Webmaster (link in the footer of this page).

Stewart Longly OTA
6 inch f/8 OTA by Stewart Longly of Napier, New Zealand.
6 inch f/8 OTA by Stewart Longly of Napier, New Zealand
Stewart mounted his OTA on an existing split-ring mount.
The tube rotates in the felt-lined cradle.

Posted 2010-Jul-04

Sydney's Telescope
8-inch f/6 Telescope by Sydney Mabry (and her dad Mark) of Richmond, VA.
8-inch f/6 Telescope by Sydney Mabry (and her dad Mark) of Richmond, VA.
They used full circle altitude bearings, and nicely decorated the tube and mount.

Posted 2010-Nov-05

Google StetchUp Model
6-inch f/6 Telescope Model by Doug Stewart of Bakersfield, CA.
6-inch f/6 Telescope Model by Doug Stewart of Bakersfield, CA.
This is a model done in Google SketchUp (a free 3D drawing program). It is available for use in their warehouse. You can find it here.

Posted 2010-Dec-17

Richard Junget's Telescope
6-inch f/8 Telescope by Richard Jounget of Duluth,MN.
6-inch f/8 Telescope by Richard Jounget of Duluth, MN
" you can see its a combination of different ideas. Searching the internet I found the 7"x 60" rigid plastic tube at , the vertical supports were made from a freehand drawing of a similar type Dob support Orion uses, and used Richard Berry's swivel base plan. The rocker is 1/2" plywood using 4" PVC for pivot rings. I used the Stellafane tube clamp design which works great." The OTA and Tube Cradle are based on the Stellafane design.

"Telescopes are kind of a addictive thing, I am already thinking of making a larger scope. I totally agree with your advice on starting with a 6" or maybe 8" scope for your first project. The amount of knowledge you acquire on that first scope is tremendous, and I would have never have attempted it without the Stellafane step by step instructions."

Posted 2011-Feb-03
Cecilia Page's Telescope
8-inch f/5.52 built exactly to the Stellafane Dob plans by Cecilia Page (right). Ken Slater (left), creator of the plans, stands with Cecilia at the 2011 Stellafane Convention.
8-inch f/5.52 by Cecilia Page of New Preston, CT
Cecilia attended the Stellafane Mirror Class in 2010-2011 and made an excellent mirror. She then followed the Stellafane Dob Plans exactly and crafted a beautiful telescope to house her mirror. Cecilia said this was her first woodworking project, with wonderful results.

The photo shows her scope at the 2011 Stellafane Convention, where it won 1st Place Optical under 12" and 3rd Place Mechanical Design.

Posted 2011-Aug-02

Danny Landis' Dob
Stellafane Dob by Danny Landis of Montclair, NJ at the 2012 Stellafane Convention.
Stellafane Dob by Danny Landis of Montclair, NJ
Danny's very nice scope, with multiple weight reduction cut-outs, is shown on the south observing field in front on the McGregor Observatory at the 2012 Stellafane Convention. Note also that Danny used a square rocker box base.

Posted 2012-Sep-29

Carluch Paris' Dob
Stellafane style Dob by Carlucho Paris of Fort Meyers, FL. Note tube clamps are curved to match tube.
Stellafane Style Dob by Carlucho Paris of Fort Meyers, FL
This nice dob has a very nice improvement to our standard plans - note the curved tube clamps that 'hug' the tube. We opted to keep our plans simple and used straight cuts wherever possible, but if you are comfortable cutting curves this is nice improvement. I provides more surface area to grip the tube, will not distort the tube when clamped hard, and it just looks better!

Posted 2012-Dec-02

Alexy Bobkov
Alexy Bobkov with his 8-inchf/5.52 Dobsonian
Stellafane Style Dob by Alexy Bobkov of San Jose, CA
This 8" f/5.52 telescope features a mirror made by Alexy exactly to our plans. He used our Mirror Making Guide and built our tester also.

Posted 2013-Jun-11

Torsten Mellenthin
Torsten Mellenthin's 'Stellafane Dob' telescope.
Torsten Mellenthin of Germany
8" long focal length telescope with home made mirror and exact copy of the Stellafane Dob plans.

Posted 2013-Aug-07

Felix Gustavsson's Telescope
Felix Gustavsson's Telescope
Felix Gustavsson of Jönköping, Sweden
"Without previous experience I decided to build a 6" telescope using your plans." An it came out very well, indeed!

Posted 2015-Mar-17

Bob Lautenslager 150mm f/5
Bob Lautenslager of Santa Cruz, CA: 150mm f/5
Bob Lautenslager of Santa Cruz, CA
"I am a high school science teacher, and I moderate the schools astronomy club. I hope to get the students grinding mirrors and building telescopes. I spent my summer vacation building a 150mm f5 Newtonian telescope on a dob mount. I made some modifications to the Stellafane plans. I spring loaded the altitude bearings, and used Kydex 0.028" plastic as bearing material. I also used Top Flite MonoKote heat shrinking material to cover the sono-tube, and ultra dark self adhesive flocking material for the inside of the optical tube."     Posted 2015-Aug-29

David João's Telescope
David João of Porto, Portugal 8-inch f/6

"Since a little kid I am absolutely amazed by the universe and only during my 25th I decided that I wanted to finally buy some telescope. Meanwhile, I had a kid and somehow the priorities in life rapidly change but now that I’ve settle down (on my 35th) I was finally obsessed by the idea of buying a telescope. I always wanted a Dob but it never crossed my mind building one - even though I consider myself a DIY person to me it would always be something related to high precision, etc.

Fortunately, I’ve came across your website / community and decided to start reading your tutorial of how to build a Dobsonian. THANK YOU. I had no knowledge of how to build one and you just made it so accessible to understand. I life in Portugal, Porto and I’m also Portuguese. As a software engineer NO ONE believed that I would make it. Well, the results are OUTSTANDING first light and incredible stargazing experience."     Posted 2017-Aug-04

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