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2000-2001 Mirror Class Report

The 2000-2001 Mirror Class was one of the most successful ever. We had a wide range of participants, and many completed mirrors! We started the monthly classes December 16, 2000 and planned to have 4 total sessions. We ended up doing 6 sessions based on demand, to help our students achieve their goals.

The weather did not always cooperate - we started out in the bunkhouse, but due to late season snowfall, we had to use space in downtown Springfield for two of the sessions as we could not get up on the hill. Our goodwill was returned with free space in the middle school, thank to our earlier outreach of teaching some astronomy classes there. Rick Hunter later arranged for a mirror class held at the Episcopal Church, when the bunkhouse was inaccessible for a second month.

Our New-This-Year Students:

In addition, we had a number of members work on previously started mirrors during the classes, with several completing them:

Outside of class, but during the past year, Dave Kelly gave some one-on-one help to people outside of class:

Of 15 Mirrors listed, 8 have been completed and another 4 should be done shortly. An excellent result!

Comrade Cislak wins the award for most entertaining mirror maker - not everyone can use a powered turntable like he can to polish a soup bowl into his blank! He is in the running for the "Most overcorrected mirror of the Decade" award. Results like this can't be achieved alone, which is why belonging to a club is so important. Scot Milligan contributed the power equipment, and Dave Kelly dispensed the advice. Not to worry, Gary should be back to a sphere with less than 250 hours of manual polishing (but what a physique he will have when he is done!)

We would also like to thank members who helped out with the class: Dave Kelly, Junie Esslinger, Phil Rounseville, Dave Prowten, Rick Hunter, and Scott Milligan.

We had a great bunch of motivated students and we are pleased to see all that was accomplished. After convention, we will announce dates for next year's class (we will likely start earlier in the fall) - see you then!

Picture Album from 2000-2001 Mirror Class & Workshop

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