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2001-2002 Mirror Class Report

The 2001-2002 was another successful mirror making class. The mild winter (in terms of snowfall) allowed us to hold all sessions on site.

Due to the great enrollment, we expanded operations to do polishing, figuring and testing in the McGregor Observatory while rough and fine grinding remained at the Bunkhouse. The only issue with split locations was that instructors could not "float" as easily; the great advantage was to have a much cleaner environment for polishing, well separated from grit users.

Enrollment: We had 19 students and 5 instructors. Our peak attendance was 17 people.  9 Students were new to the course. 4 were returning students.

Mirrors: We had 16 mirrors being worked on at the class, including two that had been brought in for refiguring. 

Completed Mirrors:

  • Peter Crowley ( a new student) 8" f/6
  • Tom Gorka (membership mirror) 8" f/5
  • Gene Zagorsky (returned from last year) 8" f5.5

Almost Completed Mirrors: The course ended while these mirrors were being figured, and may have been completed after the course.

  • John Bean, 8" f/?
  • Jay Spiegel, 8" f/?
  • Dennis Woos, refiguring, 6" f/8

Instructors: Key to a successful class is having a great team of motivated and skilled instructors. I'd like to thank my co-leader, Vice President Brad Vietje, and our very capable instructors: President Junie Esslinger, Dave Kelly, and Rick Hunter.

Web Pages: Using photos and movies I took during this course, I completed three long wanted sections of the Stellafane ATM Web Pages: Beveling and a Guide to Strokes (both with short illustrative movies) and the Rough Grinding page.

Picture Album for the 2001-2002 Mirror Class & Workshop

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