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6-Inch f/7 Newtonian on a German Equatorial Mount

by Seyed Ghasemini of Iran

Seyed Ghasemini is an ATM in Iran who during 2006-2007 corresponded with Stellafane club members during his project to complete this 6" f/7 mirror and telescope. The mirror is plate glass and was completed under very difficult conditions, between the hot weather of 25-30 degrees Centigrade in his home and the lack of quality mirror making supplies. Seyed spent about 40 hours polishing and figuring his mirror, and had a battle with both the dreaded turned down edge and with an obstinate oblate sphere. We think his success speaks for itself!

Now our friend Seyed is embarking on an ambitious project to build an 8" Gregorian. We wish him luck! Seyed would love to hear from any fellow ATM's at  <modeler72 at> or  <mghasemi at>



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