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6-Inch Truss Tube Dobsonian

The Home-Made 6" Dobsonian

'Stargazer' Jonny with his
10" Schmidt-Newtonian

Large Panorama of Romsås

by 'Stargazer' Jonny Kinn of Romsås, Norway

I live in Norway well its a small town right outside Oslo its name is Romsås where I have a very good sight of the night sky.

In 1988 when I was an fledgling astronomer, I dropped my  brand new 6-inch Newtonian over a rocky ledge onto solid rock while on solo observing trip in the hilly area known as Lillomarka outside Romsås.

I really don't remember how it happened, but I was a little too close to the edge. Before i knew it, my telescope had plummeted about 3 meters to the rock below. Thank god I was by myself, I recalled with embarrassment. I felt terrible...hopeless!

When I  recovered my scope, the tube was useless so I turned the disaster into my first telescope project, creating a truss tube out of it. It took me a couple years to admit to my fellow astronomers what had happened, they had a good laugh you know.

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