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Directions to Stellafane

Geologic Survey Marker

Where is Stellafane?

Stellafane is on Breezy Hill in Springfield, Vermont.

The photo at right is of the U.S. Geologic Survey marker on the south lawn directly in front of the Pink Clubhouse. It reads:

GPS and Mapping Address

Mail cannot be delivered to this address, there is no mailbox, use our post office box (see footer)

How to get to Springfield, Vermont

Springfield, Vermont is in the Connecticut River valley on the eastern edge of Vermont. It is north of Brattleboro and Bellows Falls and south of Windsor and White River Junction (I-89). The main highway serving Springfield is Interstate 91, and Springfield is at Exit 7 on Vermont Route 11.

If you wish to use your favorite internet mapping program to locate Stellafane, you should enter Jordan Road, Springfield, VT as the address to look up.

If you plan to fly, see our Airports page.

How to get to Stellafane

Stellafane is approximately 7.5 miles from I-91 Exit 7. See map below directions.

Map to Stellafane
Click on the map to open it by itself; it should print well in landscape mode.

Finding your way around Stellafane

The Stellafane site is split into two parts:

See our About Buildings page for a pictorial guide to the major observatories and buildings at Stellafane and our Aerial Photomap for a birds eye view of our facilities.