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2010 Convention Photo Gallery

Page 1 of 2: Photos by the Springfield Telescope Makers

Here are photos of the 2010 Convention taken by the Springfield Telescope Makers. On Page 2 of the Gallery, you will find photos taken by Convention Attendees.

So whether you attended and want to try to find yourself in photo, or you couldn't attend and want to see what went on, you can spend some time browsing our gallery of general photos. 

Note: After you expand a photo, use the arrow keys to move forward or backward, or space bar to start a slide show.

Photos by the Springfield Telescope Makers

Contributing STM Members: Dennis Cassia, Dennis di Cicco, Matt Considine,
Jay Drew, Jim Erickson, Al Rifkin, Don Schwarzkopf & Ken Slater.
The specific photographers last name is embedded in the photo's URL - hover on a thumbnail and view the URL
in the browser's status bar (you many need to enable this in the view menu)

PRE-CONVENTION: A lot goes on in the week before convention, which we call pre-convention, and this year we are again going to share some photos of some of the activities the occur before most of your arrive. Club members a dedicated group of volunteers get a lot of work done before we open on Thursday afternoon.

CONVENTION: Here are our traditional candid shots taken by club members during convention:

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