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Stellafane Donation Form

Donate by Check or PayPal

This Donation Form will allow you to make a donation using PayPal online or by Printing it and mailing it in with a Check for any of the fundraising categories that are currently active. PayPal allows you to pay with any major credit card, although you will need to sign up for a free PayPal account to do this.

Stellafane is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and listed charity with the United States Internal Revenue Service.

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Common Information: The first section is information common to all types of donations.
Please fill out all applicable information.

Required Information

We require this basic information to record your donation and contact you in case of a problem. Stellafane does not buy, sell, trade or share donor lists or donor information. We will only use this information to contact you regarding this donation.

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Optional Information

The IRS requires us to provide you with a letter confirming your donation for amounts of $250 or more. We need your postal address to send you this confirmation.

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Anonymous Donations

Stellafane does not share its donor information with any third party organizations, except as required by law. If you would like Stellafane not to list your name in any of our donor lists, publications or web pages, please check the box below. Note that if you specifically list your name for any plaque or paver, we will use it on that item only if the box is checked.

I wish to remain anonymous

Specific Donations: Stellafane is currently soliciting donations for the Endowment Fund to help weather unforeseen or catastrophic events, and for the General Fund which pays for ongoing expenses of maintaining the facilities. Below you will find areas to donate to one or both of these funds.

Endowment Fund

The Stellafane Endowment Fund seeks to ensure the future of Stellafane for future generations by raising funds and investing them appropriately so as to protect and grow principal while earning a reasonable rate of return. The principal will be untouched except in the case of a catastrophic need. In essence, it would also serve as an emergency fund in the event of a financial crisis that threatens the continued ownership, use or maintenance of the Stellafane properties. Click for more information.

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General Fund

The Stellafane General Fund is an unrestricted fund used for overall expenses of running Stellafane. Costs associated with our Museum, Web Site, Property, Building & Equipment Maintenance, Utilities, Insurance and Taxes, among other items, come out of the General Fund.

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Review & Payment

When you are satisfied with your donation selections and have reviewed the Grand Total at right, please select a payment method by pressing one of the two buttons below.

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Mail this form and your check to:
The Springfield Telescope Makers
P. O. Box 601
Springfield, VT 05156

Make Checks payable to
The Springfield Telescope Makers

Thank you for supporting Stellafane! - The Springfield Telescope Makers, Inc.

Should you have any questions, please e-mail the Stellafane Webmaster
using the link directly below this form in the page footer.

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