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Help Stellafane

Stellafane has been fortunate to have received a lot of help from individuals and organizations over the years; we could not continue to put on yearly Conventions or maintain our property without this help. Listed below are some of the many ways that you can help Stellafane:

Note that as of November 2012, we have paid off the pavilion mortgage and are no longer soliciting pavilion donations. Thanks to all the generous donors who made this possible. If you would like to contribute to Stellafane, please consider the General or Endowment funds listed below. Thank you!

General Fund

The Flanders Pavilion
Maintenance and minor improvements of our buildings and grounds come from the General Fund.

The General Fund is our our unrestricted operating fund, used to fund our basic costs such as utilities, insurance and taxes and provide for costs of operating our Museum and Mirror Classes, and mainting the Stellafane buildings and grounds..

Donate to the General Fund using our Donation Form.

Volunteer at Convention

A Voulteer paints posts
A Volunteer paints
fence posts before
the Convention

Putting on the Stellafane con­ven­tion is a big job and the Springfield Telescope Makers can't do it a­lone! We have been fortunate to have a number of volunteers that help us out with putting on the con­ven­tion, doing a variety of help­ful things.

Learn more about the Volunteer Opportunities at the Stella­fane Convention.

Contribute to Web Site

Contributed Photo by Jim Roth
2005 Convention
contributed photo
by Jim Roth

We welcome submissions of photos or articles for use on the Stellafane web site. Typically most of these submission center the on the Stellafane Convention or Astro­photos, but we are willing to con­sider submissions on any topic area we cover, including Amateur Telescope Making, Observing and Stellafane or related History.

Click to lean more about Web Site Contributions.

Endowment Fund

Jay Ryan painting
Painting by Jay Ryan available for a $60 donation.

To ensure that the birth place of am­a­teur telescope making is pre­served for future generations by pro­vid­ing adequate funding to cover the basic costs of maintaining the Stellafane clubhouse, the Porter and McGregor observatories, and other existing and future buildings and properties owned by the Spring­field Telescope Makers, Inc.

See the Endowment Fund and How You can Help.

Donation Form

The Stellafane Donation form is a single form used for all donations to Stellafane. It allows you to pay by check using postal mail or by credit card online using PayPal.

Donate now using the Donation Form - and Thank You for your contribution!.

Thank You!

If you have helped Stellafane in the past, we sincerely thank you. And we appreciate you looking at this page, and considering how you might help us in the future. We promise to work hard to preserve Stellafane and our dark skies, and bring you a great Convention every year...The Springfield Telescope Makers