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Everything Else

The image in the header is one of those many shelves in the Stellafane Pink Clubhouse with a collection of items that just don't have a place elsewhere. And that is what this page is about: A place for those items that don't fit anywhere else on our web page; that always vast 'miscellaneous' category!

Links to other Web Sites

This comprehensive list of links to Telescope Making, Optical Fabrication, and Component Vendor websites is one of the largest and best on the web. It is updated approximately monthly, so it is always current

Year after year, this is our most visited page!

Equinoxes & Solstices


This online, interactive calculator will tell you when equinoxes and solstices will occur from 1000 to 3000 CE.

See also our Moon Phase Calculator
to help plan your observing days.

Getting Started


Here are several articles and a Ques­tion & Answer section to help beginners get started in Amateur Astronomy. Tips on learning the sky and buying a first telescope are included.

Members Activities


Club related activities of members not related to our major public events like Convention and Mirror Class. Read the site manager's log, follow the progress of refractors being made, see member publications...

Light Pollution

light pollution

Light Pollution is a major threat to the continued existence of Dark Skies and Amateur Astronomy. Lean how you can help on our Dark Skies Page.


webcam image

Take a look at Stellafane on our web­cams, to check weather conditions or just see if you can spot someone, or something, at the site (Deer have been seen grazing by the Porter Turret Tele­scope).

Stellafane Artwork

Artwork by Russ Chmela

Stellafane artwork and cartoons by member Russ Chmela, done in the years around 1990.

Mt. Ascutney

Mountains Visible from
the Clubhouse

You can see a lot of Mountains from the clubhouse - here is a information about what is visible.

Watercolor of Garden Telescope

Missing Porter Watercolor

Do you know where the painting at right is? It went missing from the clubhouse several years ago. Click from more details and a bigger image.