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Historic Convention Photos 1926-1948

The large size photos are the original size if they are up to 1,024 pixels on their long side. Photos bigger than that are reduced to 1,024 on their long side with their aspect ratio preserved. The photo viewing software we are using will automatically further reduce any large photos to fit inside your browser window. If they have been reduced to fit your window, the fourth button on the pop-up control panel will expand them back to full size. Click any thumbnail to pop up a larger photo, and from there you can browse forward or backward or start a slide show. Identical captions are under both the thumbnails and larger photos. Photos from the Stellafane Archives have had their contrast enhanced for viewing on the web.

On these pages you will find historic convention photos (and a few videos), from Stellafane Conventions starting in 1926 and going through 1999. Beginning in 2000, we published convention photos on our convention web pages, which you can find links to here.

The first Stellafane convention was held in 1926; you can read about it on our history pages, where we also have a memoir from the 1930 convention. During World War II and for some time after conventions were not held or were not held annually. 1954 was the first post-war convention in the current series of continuous annual Stellafane Conventions, hence the gaps in the dates. You can view programs for many conventions on the Historic Convention Programs page, and winners of the competitions at the Convention Telescope Competition Winners page.

Photos from the Stellafane Archive are available thanks to club member Tom Spirock who scanned many of our historic photos in 2000 and made them available to club members on a set of CD-ROMs, which were the source for the images on this page.

If you have convention photos your would like to contribute, please contact the Webmaster using the link at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

Historic Convention Photo Pages:   1926-1948   1954-19691970-19791980-1999
Historic Convention Photo Pages:   1926-1948   1954-19691970-19791980-1999

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