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Web Contributions

You can help Stellafane by contributing to our web site. We are looking for articles, artwork or photographs in the following categories:

Please submit these items (or question you may have about this) via e-mail to the Stellafane Webmaster. By submitting an image or article, you agree implicitly to let Stellafane publish it on the Stellafane web site. We may edit material or crop photographs at our discretion. You will be credited as the author, and retain all other rights to the material. We reserve the right not publish any material that does not fit our current needs or is inappropriate for our web site. Thank you!

Examples of Contributed Items:

2005 Convention Photo by Frank Tomoras
Contributed 2005
Convention Photo
by Frank Tomaras
After leaving the swap meet and walking to Breezy Hill to have a look at the telescopes entered in the competition, I had a chance to view the sun in white light through two telescopes employing Herschel wedges. One was a refractor, as one might expect, the other a Newtonian that employed...
Contributed 2003
Convention Report
By Dave Mitsky
M31 by Walter Hamler
Contributed Image
of M31 with
8" f/5 Newtonian
by Walter Hamler
John Avellone's telescope
Contributed Homemade
4-Inch f/22 Refractor Photograph & Article
by John Avellone