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Building Telescopes is only half the fun - using them is the other half! Here is some information about observing, and a gallery of some very nice results. Mouse over images for image credits and other information.

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Astrophoto Gallery

North American Nebula

Here we present Astrophotos taken at Stellafane and other locations by club members and others. You are welcome to submit your images for inclusion on this page.

Star Parties

2002 Convention

Check to see if we have a public star party scheduled at Stellafane on our Events Calendar; we try to hold a couple every year, usually in the late summer or early fall after convention. You can sign up for our Stellafane An­nounce­ments e-mail list to be notified when we are holding them (link above).

Listings of other star parties can be found at Sky & Teles­cope or Astronomy magazines, and many other web pages.

Moon Phase Calculator

The Moon

Is that pesky moon brightening up the sky too much? Use our online cal­cu­la­tor to figure out when the moon will be dark for the best observing (unless, of course, you are planning to observe the moon!).

Closely related to this is our Equinox & Solstice Cal­cu­la­tor which you can link to from the Moon Phase page.

Weather at Stellafane


Sometimes, telescopes seem to be cloud magnets (Especially new ones!)

Check the Weather Forecast, Weather Radar, Satellite Images, Clear Sky Clock and Stellafane Webcams to see what your chances of observing are.

Stellafane Clear Sky Chart preview:
Clear Sky Chart Preview

Looking for Beginner Info? See topic area Everything Else Beginners Page / Getting Started